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The Importance of Camera Rig on Enhancing the Quality of Your Vi

Whether you’re a professional filmmaker, videographer, action sports shooter, or just a dad who wants to get great video of his kid’s sports games, a camera rig can revolutionize your ability to shoot high quality footage. Rigs for camera - such as DV and digital SLR rigs, POV rigs, as well as camcorder rigs - are used to strengthen the stability of your camera, thus giving you a higher-quality video footage. These are also used for protecting camera and expanding the range of freehand shots a user can do.

Although many camera accessories companies offer rigs for camera, Camtrol offers the highest quality rigs at an affordable price.

• Keep Your Camera Steady to Have a Much Better Quality Footage:

Keep in mind that it is relatively difficult to have a stable, clear footage without a high quality DSLR or camcorder rig. Certain shots in particular - low angle shots, chest level shots, and shoulder supported shots - are greatly improved when using a rig for camera. On the other hand, you need to be extra careful when choosing the rig to use because not all of them can yield the results you want. The sad part is that most of the camera stabilizers available on the market today are made from low quality plastic materials. Good news is that there are Camtrol’s camera rigs made of aircraft-quality anodized aluminum out in the market today to help professional camcorder/DSLR camera users protect their camera.

• Increase Your Camera Protection:

In spite of the type of camera you have, it is highly recommended for users to keep it safe and secure. So in case you are looking for a product that can keep your camera secure, then why not use Camtrol camera rigs made from anodized aluminum materials. The protection that this rig offers extends beyond use of your camera as well. This includes retracting quad-pod legs to act as a secure bottom on keeping your camera stead even on uneven ground. In terms of keeping your camera secure, there is certainly a reliable website that can help you with this particular concern.

• Shoot with a More Diversified Range:

This specific manufacturer may allow you to not just take better video footage, but also to have a broader selection of shots too. For example, low angle shots often require you to awkwardly contort your body and use a significant amount of arm strength to get a stable, steady shot. When you attach your camera to a rig, you can dangle it in front of you or at your side and allow gravity to do most of your work for you. This particular product also has 3 ball joints that you can easily set up and reconfigured to help you have a better transition between various shots. These ball joints additionally product a kinematic chain that aids in preventing any type of shakes in your hands from transferring to your camera. In addition, its stabilizing platform consists of three centering stations used to let you change the position of your camera in any way you like.

Whether you’re looking for a video recorder rig, a DSLR rig, or a professional camera rig, Camtrol has a camera stabilizer rig that will greatly improve your ability to shoot clear, steady footage and a wide range of shots.

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5 Major Things to Keep in Mind When Searching for Camera Rigs

Whenever you are searching for a variety of camera rigs, it is often advisable to know which of these products are most beneficial to your particular needs or requirements. Some of the choices available are do-it-yourself rig, which you need to assemble for $20, and professional rig that cost even higher than the actual price of your camera. Other choices include DSLR rigs, POV rigs, camcorder rigs and rigs that are specially designed for particular brands like Contour and GoPro. Basically, there are five important qualities you need to consider when looking for a rig, regardless of the project call you plan to use it for. These are the 5 main characteristics of a camera rig that you need to look for:

1. Top Quality Materials

The better the quality of materials this product is made of, the greater stability it will have.

Sadly, several cheap products available on the market these days are made of inferior quality plastic. While some projects might need nothing more than a flimsy plastic rig, most will benefit significantly from higher quality materials. In the event that you are searching for lightweight products, Camtrol camera rigs are one of the best choices because of its aircraft-quality anodized aluminum materials. With regard to unlimited designs of your camera, this brand is also the best choice because of its universal mounting thumbscrew. Aside from that, Camtrol’s cushioned platform will help you absorb any shocks or calm vibrations to the camera.

2. Perfect Balance

More often than not, this product will require you to support the camera above the rig by stabilizing it using your arms as it relies heavily on your hands. This product allows you to dangle the camera at your side using gravity, thus giving better stability and smoothness to your footage.

It also features three centering channels on their platforms to enable the user to stabilize the camera in spite of its particular type or design. The platform alone furthermore lends equilibrium by incorporating more weight and width to the bottom part of your camera. Due to the quality of their materials, Camtrol’s 3 ball joints can create a strong kinematic chain. While most rigs attempt to create some kind of kinematic chain, it is this brand’s materials which make it excel at absorbing shock and shutter better than any other rig.

3. Adaptability

A camera stabilizer is an incredible device used by many professional filmmakers, documentarians, videographers and action sports shooters. With this particular Camtrol product, it is now possible for you to change from various perspectives no matter how you plan to use the camera rig.

Depending on your particular needs or requirements, there will always be an appropriate type of rig. The Sniper 1080 KS, for instance, is ideal for obtaining first-person viewpoint shots. The Prime and Prime 22 excel at stabilizing lightweight DSLR cameras and camcorders. Finally the Moose, Camtrol’s most robust rig, is a great professional rig solution, with its ability to support up to 17 pounds of camera and accessories. Check out this website for additional information.

4. Ease of Use

The ergonomic design of Camtrol will certainly make your every shooting experience more enjoyable. Its ergonomic Action Control Grip does not only enables you to have unparalleled control, but also comfortable experience. Its three ball joints allow you to quickly and easily transform your rig into any number of configurations so you can focus on shooting your subject, rather than having to spend time contorting the camera.

Unfortunately, several camera accessories companies do not understand the importance of keeping it safe while you set your camera down. It provides retractable quad pod limbs that become a protective landing gear, enabling you to set it down anywhere, even on sloping terrain. With its foldable legs, you can easily store this pod either inside your backpack or travelling bag.

5. Cost Associated with the Item

Your price point is a personal decision and should be determined in light of all the criteria given above. To sum it up, the 5 important things you need to look for when looking for a DSLR or camcorder rig are stabilization, versatility, ease of use, quality of materials and price of the product.


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